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I'm pleased to announce my new album: Pathways,
Is Now Available!

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Pathways... connections between people and places. This collection of new music is about those connections and about the joys and wonders of moving from place to place, seeing new things, meeting new people... making connections. These songs, I feel, capture the essence of movement and of being connected and of exploring new and wondrous places. I hope this album takes you on a wonderful journey of your own and connects with you.

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Life Is Something

Life is Something... A musical experience.

From majestic soundscapes to soft piano, from hard dance to laid back grooves,
my music will take you on a journey through many experiences, many moods.

Review from a pre-release CD recipient:
"Listened today. Loved, loved, loved it. Outstanding sound, powerful, smooth, exciting, and relaxing."

My music is an expression of the enjoyment of the journeys through Life and Love...
the good and the bad, the ups and downs, the nice soft parts and the dark scary parts.

I hope this album takes you on such a journey. I hope you enjoy this experience.

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These are teaser videos for some of the songs on the upcoming album Pathways...

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All songs on Life Is Something and Pathways were written, recorded, and produced by David Hooker (BMI). © 2017, 2018 David Hooker, All Rights Reserved.
Beautiful Lonely One written by David Hooker and Christy Smith. Lyrics and Vocals by Christy Smith (BMI).
Mastering of LIS by Christopher Carvalho (www.unlockyoursound.com)
Album artwork by Conor Honer (www.fiverr.com/conorhoner)
LIS Cover painting: "Porta Del Giardino", by Teresa Hooker.
Website design and programming by David Hooker.